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Production difficulties delayed deliveries to the Army until September 1937. Machine production began at Springfield Armory that month at a rate of ten rifles per day, and reached an output of 100 per day within two years. Despite going into production status, design issues were not at an end. The barrel, gas cylinder, and front sight assembly were redesigned and entered production in early 1940. Existing "gas-trap" rifles were recalled and retrofitted, mirroring problems with the earlier M1903 Springfield rifle that also had to be recalled and reworked approximately three years into production and foreshadowing rework of the M16 rifle at a similar point in its development. Production of the Garand increased in 1940 despite these difficulties, reaching 600 a day by 10 January 1941, and the Army was fully equipped by the end of 1941. Following the outbreak of World War II in Europe, Winchester was awarded an "educational" production contract for 65,000 rifles, with deliveries beginning in 1943.


Per the newly completed and signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the U.S. Army and the Civilian Marksmanship Program,  M1 Garands will be limited to eight per calendar year, per customer.  The CMP considers any item containing an M1 Garand receiver with a serial number to be an M1 Garand and will deduct from the eight M1 Garand rifle limit per year.

Battle Grade.   Genuine Springfield Armory M1 Garand rifle manufactured during WWII and Korean War.  All G.I components with no aftermarket or reproduction parts .   Rifles in this grade exhibit very-good to excellent parkerized metal finish, nice GI stock and handguards, bright sharp bores, and have been fully inspected by our trained armorers in our 36 point technical inspection. Rifles are test/functioned-fired then targeted out to 200 yards and sights calibrated.  An excellent opportunity to obtain a quality M1 rifle!    $1599.95-$1699.95 Out of Stock, Call to Reserve.

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