The Yaghnobi people ( Yaghnobi : yaγnōbī́t; Tajik : яғнобиҳо, yağnobiho/jaƣnoʙiho ) are an ethnic minority in Tajikistan . They inhabit Tajikistan's Sughd province in the valleys of the Yaghnob , Qul and Varzob rivers . The Yaghnobis are considered to be descendants of the Sogdian -speaking peoples [1] who once inhabited most of Central Asia beyond the Amu Darya River in what was ancient Sogdia .

The Sogdian language was an Eastern Iranian language spoken in the Central Asian region of Sogdia , located in modern-day Uzbekistan , and Tajikistan (capital: Samarkand ; other chief cities: Panjakent , Fergana , Khujand , and Bukhara ), as well as some Sogdian immigrant communities in ancient China. Sogdian is one of the most important Middle Iranian languages , along with Bactrian , Khotanese Saka , Middle Persian , and Parthian . It possesses a large literary corpus.

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